Shatter is one of many types of extracts available on shelves across North America today, including CO2 oil and rosin. These concentrates can be smoked through vape pens or dabbed onto bongs just like flowers could have previously because they're way more potent than herbal marijuana alone ever was before! They are a concentrated form meaning you only need to smoke/dab a little bit at any time- which means your supply lasts longer too!

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate, also known as a form of "dab." This is made with Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoids that have been extracted from marijuana plants through the process of heating it up in Butane to extract an oil called BHO (Butane Hash Oil) which can then be used to form into smooth glass substances. The shatter type of Cannabis typically contains 90% cannabinoid content and because some shatters don't contain CBD or THC they are often more potent than other types such as hash oils.
The word 'shatter' has two meanings: firstly, it refers to something broken into small pieces by force; secondly - but much less commonly - this could describe someone who's had

For centuries, our ancestors have been using cannabis to heal and soothe themselves. Shatter is one type of extract made from butane gas that is used for those who need the benefits without inhaling smoke. The process begins by heating up the plant until it's not liquid anymore which then extracts all those good oils with an extraction machine! Butane fills in during this procedure because there are no other liquids involved- like water or alcohols-to help ensure every drop gets collected correctly while preventing clogs or spills as well!


Shatter is a cannabis extract that offers the highest potency on the market. In order to make shatter, producers need additional filtration which separates waxes and fats from this pure form of marijuana. This makes it one of the most potent forms available in Canada today! Due to its high concentration levels, you may experience higher doses depending on how much shatter you’ve consumed beforehand- so be careful when consuming as well if your tolerance for THC has been lowered or increased due to other substances ingested (such as alcohol).

Shatters are one of the newest forms of cannabis that have been popping up around dispensaries recently due to their potency and uniqueness when compared against other variants such as baked goods, tinctures, and concentrates like hash oil. Some shatter types contain a high level of THC which makes them ideal for dabbing rigs or vaporizers designed specifically for handling this type rather than joints or pipes.

Cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all product. You will find different levels of cannabinoids in oils, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles than you would with flower products. This means that your satisfaction level will differ greatly depending on what type of "product" you buy; whereas smoking an entire joint could lead to feelings of lethargy for some people while others might feel energized after only taking 1 hit off their vape pen!  Shatter tends to dry quickly due largely in part because it has no water content which makes its surface area much larger than typical flowers making moisture evaporation quicker--meaningless


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Shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabis extracts and will typically have an amber hue to it. This particular concentrate holds a brittle, toffee-like hardness that makes it shatter-resistant and delivers in sheets with glassy transparency when you break off pieces from its surface.

As cannabis continues to grow and expand into a booming industry, it can be hard for people to know what type of product they want. Some would rather smoke flower because it feels potent yet mellow in their lungs while others prefer to shatter due to its purity. Shatter typically has an amber color (even though this detail was already mentioned) and will have that signature hardness with glassy transparency like candy when shattered between your fingers!

When you buy shatter online from a Canadian dispensary, there are many features to consider. Shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabis extracts and typically has an amber hue with a toffee-like hardness that's delivered in sheets made out of translucent glassy transparency - so much more than just milk!


One of the most popular things people do with shatter is to mix it in with weed. This can be done by crumbling up some on top and smoking in a pipe or joint for those who are new to this type of concentrate, starting out like this will help you get an idea of how much works best for your individual needs! Many people use oil rigs when they are consuming their concentrates. These devices were revolutionary because, with an oil rig, you can dab small portions at once without combusting any material - giving off no smoke! Shatter vape pens also exist as these devices were designed specifically for vaping waxes/oil extracts rather than combusted flower buds like traditional vaporizers do.

The versatility offered by shatter gives consumers options they may not have had before; individuals new (or those looking for something fresh) should consider.

One of the most remarkable things about shatter is how versatile it can be! The product has many uses — examples include using it as an ingredient in either cannabis concentrates or flowers before heating each substance separately by lighting them on fire so their respective properties can extract from what they're mixed into. For instance, if someone wanted to smoke marijuana instead. These methods allow users who want more precise control over their THC dosage and experience than other types of consumption provide access to. Shatter also makes an excellent addition when cooking - if you need help with your culinary endeavors then adding potent cannabis concentrates like hash oil or wax will surely get every step on course! 


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There are two main products labeled "shatter" - solventless extracts made using complex extraction techniques involving heating and cooling; however, there's also a more traditional meaning in regards to concentrates containing butane gas like oils.

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